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Match Play Rules
(from USGA)
2-1. Winner of Hole; Reckoning of Holes
In match play the game is played by holes.
Except as otherwise provided in the Rules, a hole is won by the side which holes its ball in the fewer strokes. In a handicap match the lower net score wins the hole.
MGA modification - None

2-2. Halved Hole
A hole is halved if each side holes out in the same number of strokes.
When a player has holed out and his opponent has been left with a stroke for the half, if the player thereafter incurs a penalty, the hole is halved.
MGA modification - None

2-3. Winner of Match
A match is won by the side which is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played.
The Committee may, for the purpose of settling a tie, extend the stipulated round to as many holes as are required for a match to be won.
MGA modification - None

2-4. Concession of Next Stroke, Hole or Match
When the opponent's ball is at rest or is deemed to be at rest under Rule 16-2, the player may concede the opponent to have holed out with his next stroke and the ball may be removed by either side with a club or otherwise.
A player may concede a hole or a match at any time prior to the conclusion of the hole or the match.
Concession of a stroke, hole or match may not be declined or withdrawn.
MGA modification - Players may concede holes, but the opponent still needs to hole out.

2-5. Claims
In match play, if a doubt or dispute arises between the players and no duly authorized representative of the Committee is available within a reasonable time, the players shall continue the match without delay. Any claim, if it is to be considered by the Committee, must be made before any player in the match plays from the next teeing ground or, in the case of the last hole of the match, before all players in the match leave the putting green.
No later claim shall be considered unless it is based on facts previously unknown to the player making the claim and the player making the claim had been given wrong information (Rules 6-2a and 9) by an opponent. In any case, no later claim shall be considered after the result of the match has been officially announced, unless the Committee is satisfied that the opponent knew he was giving wrong information.
MGA modification - none

2-6. General Penalty
The penalty for a breach of a Rule in match play is loss of hole except when otherwise provided.
MGA modification - None

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