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MGA Master Eligibility Requirements and Rules
To be eligible to win prizes in the MGA Masters Tournament, you must:
(1) play in at least three Stroke Play tournaments of the current season, and
(2) be an MGA member in good standing.

Score Keeping:
You must keep your own score and one other member of your foursome. Any discrepancy in the scoring may be corrected before the scorecard is turned in with no penalty. After completing the round, get the signature of the other member to confirm your scores. If a discrepancy occurs after the scorecard is turned in, the higher score will stand.

Speed Play:
Record your group's finishing time on the scorecard as soon as your group finishes the 18th hole and returns it to the scorekeeper right away.

If your group finishes in more than 4 hours AND finishes 15 minutes after the previous group, 1 stroke penalty for each member will be assessed. 2 strokes penalty and $10 fine will be assessed if you finish more than 30 minutes after the previous group.

Whenever it is possible, ask your group members to putt through.

Maximum Score
The maximum score per hole is double par. For example, if you are on a par 4, please pickup after your 8th stroke. (6 will be your maximum score on par 3s, 8 on par 4s, and 10 on par 5s)

Teeing Ground
Ball is touched and moved from the tee: 1 stroke penalty if player has intention to hit
Teeing from the wrong place: 2 stroke penalty

Out of Bounds
Go to point of OB, drop within 2 club lengths; 2 stroke penalty. If there is doubt about point of OB, captain rules it. OB includes white stakes, fence and area defined by the local course.

Lost Ball
You will have one-minute time limit to look for lost ball. If you cannot find your ball, drop the ball at the lost location as accurate as possible, 1 stroke penalty. If there is doubt about the lost location, captain rules it.

In the Hazard
Water hazard (Yellow stakes)
Drop ball within 2 club lengths from point of entry, 1 stroke penalty

Lateral Water Hazard (Red Stakes)
1 stroke penalty, the following are the different ways to play the next shot:
a. Re-hit from original location
b. Drop 2 club length from the closest red stake from point-of-entry - no closer to the hole
c. Anywhere along the flight path of the ball - no closer to the hole
No penalty if hit from the hazard where the ball lies, but club cannot touch the ground prior to the shot

Any object that might injure you or damage your club can be removed without penalty. The club cannot touch the sand prior to the shot, 2 stroke penalty

Free Drops
Drop the ball within one club length from the nearest point of relief but not nearer to the hole, NO penalty. Examples of free drop: staked tree, obstruction, cart path, casual water, outside agency, ground under repair, flowerbed (with blue stakes). Ground under repair includes any marked area, obvious repairing area, or poor maintained fairway or rough (captain can help to rule it)

Unplayable Ball
Drop ball within 2 club lengths from the nearest point of relief but not nearer to the hole, 1 stroke penalty

Player can declare his ball unplayable anytime, anywhere even in the bunker. Except the unplayable ball in the bunker must be dropped in the bunker. Any unsafe shot must be determined as unplayable ball. Unplayable ball can be lifted cleaned and placed.

Putting Green
Accidentally hitting the ball: Place the ball back to original location, 1 stroke penalty
Hitting other balls: 2 stroke penalty
Hitting artificial objects (flag, club, etc): 2 stroke penalty
Everyone must hole out!

Hitting the wrong ball: 2 stroke penalty

You can only have a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag while playing in the tournament.

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